I’m a Dreamer

The biggest sin
Is self-denial:
I read it in a book.

Or, in between
The seams of dreams.
At least that’s how it looked.

I searched again
That morning, fresh,
To find what I should do.

My dreams all woke
To laugh at me:
“At you! At you! At you!”



I can only tell
From the load on your back
That you’re walking forwards.

Not towards me.

I didn’t choose to
Make all our memories –
All the bad ones, at least –

Your passengers.

You did.

Your Boat

I want to build you a boat,
So you can sail towards your dreams,
Wherever they may take you.

And if that’s away from me,
At least the wind-fed sails will sing to you
In a voice that sounds like mine.

At least the wheel that steers you forth
Will have the firmness of my touch
To guide you.

At least the headstrong bow
And the temperate stern
Will balance one another like you and I

Because I’ll build it so.

So that you know,
Whenever you get to where you must go,
That I’ll be there to take you home.