“the experience of the Self is always a defeat for the ego’ [unfinished]

Enter, most shadowy of my depths.

I know you grow from within, not behind.
I know you swam all those light years to get here.
I know your dance partners can’t hear your heels.
I know you struggle at the table to be heard.
I know you’ve been banished more times than allowed.
I know you’re truer than my ‘I’, longer than my height, and louder than my cry.
I know you’re older than that vessel you have hidden in for 25 years.
I know you take flight each night to spy on Artemis; in the woodland, help her hunt.
I know you chose the 25th of November because you fancied yourself as a Centaur.
I know you sweat for boredom, not for danger, hate for love, and love for pleasure.
I know you’d be freest as a bird; nothing’s as bountiful as the sky.
I know you love the water not for its wetness, but for its fire.
I know you felt the burn of rope as witches hung, and an alchemist’s desire to be young.
I know! I know! I know!

You say you know, but are you ready now to be?

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