I don’t even know anymore.

Tears come,
they fall,
they form a globular procession on the floor.
They all march forth.
Some deserve to be there,
some not at all.
They all hold plastic hands,
and all the droplets bounce.
Some come together,
some feel left out.
Some look like glass,
and they pass a luscious chalice around.
All the wet lips sip;
they take a liquid hit.
Their bouncing turns to dancing
and the place is FUCKING LIT.
“This is it!
I happy!
Tears happy!
Wet and happy!
Lakes happy!
Waves happy!
Rockpools happy!
So, why for you cries,
Human Freak,
Human Mess?
Just get bit wet.”

That’s what my tears did. That’s what my tears said.


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