Samantha Rewrite

You’re so damn “Generation Y”;
is that the reason that you’re leaving?
WhY the fuck you leaving my seX
for her Zeds?
Babe, that ain’t pleasing.

Myyy god,
I know you need me; you don’t love her.
You tell me you don’t want her.
Float on by(e),
my tainted lover.

There can’t be peace,
cos we were never friends.
I don’t give a fuck now you’ve run.
333: Indian hotel room,
in which you showed me no love.
I am now rising above.
I’ll go see Lamin –
he ain’t yet caused me the pain
that on me you poured.
And now you’re living a lie,
you’ll find that my love does wain.
mental when it comes to the wrong men;
to be more G, I just won’t give a toss.
So done thinking,
“Ooh, where’s his love at?”
Here texting six men like Zlatan never lost.
Trust in me: this is some shit you’ll regret.
You’re calm; you don’t even what this cost.
Badassest you could ever meet,
something you can’t beat; you gon’ feel your loss,
we’ve been too many tenses.
I’d say I still love you but really it’s passed,
I no longer present it.
No future in this, unless one with forensics.
Why you gassed off her rack?
Boy, I know you’re defenseless; oh, you know you’re defenseless.


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