Down with the them/us;
up with the us-is-the-only-way.
To say that is not to shun them,
or you,
but I can’t see a place for me
in being, any more, a part of
Can you?


‘Every profound spirit needs a mask’

I’ve been here before,
and, not only that,
I’ve tired of being here before.
You can be sure
that my judgment has led me
to leave this place before,
and again
I will
if I have to.

You’re clever with the way that you touch me
and make my thighs tingle with words.
Your footing on the doorstep to this feeling
lets me know that you don’t waste your verve.
It’s not that I’d call you “professional,”
and I don’t see your moves as rehearsed;
it’s just that I trust what I’m sensing:
that something about you just works.

“Play around with me, then.”
I’m asking you to,

And the reason I’d call this thing playing
is cause simple is fun when its true.

how you have made me pure again.

So, fuck the fucking scorecard.
Games like this, they don’t get me too bored.