What disease do you have?
I’ve got one that lives in my bed;
it’s the empty space that never gets fed.


Two freedoms
sought at the expense
of one another.

Can they both be free?
Does freedom depend on
wanting to be?

Where am I going to go,
and am I going to go there
with myself in tow
or at the helm?


Everything you feel begins with how you feel about yourself.

“Based on the minds we have, there’s a range of possible experience.”

If at the end of the road there is always a mirror, then if you start down the road, it will soon become clearer.

All that matters
is what you value
and how you act

I wish that it was just your kiss.
To be full on just the feeling
of the future in your lips.

A structure of simplicity.
Whole and without want of leaving.
I would only need this.

Free your own mind
from the shackles
you have set her in.

Set yourself free
from the self you have
contained her in.

Contain the bravery
to break her free
from what you made her be.

Become the one
that they will know.

It’s an emotional investment
that we make:
whether or not to care.
A transaction.

Fuck! Is it really that?

We’ve all been there;
our hearts are worn the hardest.
It’s strength they lack
(not truth).

No, I don’t believe it.

For strength,
in truth,
binds us to lies.
Deception is a sport.

I see it now.